Marks on the skin in the form of scars and blemishes are known as pigmentation. It can cause the color change of the skin and sometimes might lead to severe skin complications too. It is generally recommended to get the pigmentation treated before it is too late. If you are facing the pigmentation very frequently and want to get them treated then it is very important to know that what is actually causing these pigmentations. The reason for the pigmentation varies from person to person. Treatment is also offered according to the kind of pigments found on the skin. Some of the most common existing causes behind the skin pigmentation are as follows: 



  1. Many families carry the genes that have the inherited problem of the blemishes and the pigmentation. People with fairer skin suffer from pigmentation more than the other people. In fair people, the number of melanin clusters is more closely linked to each other. As they get congested within the skin pigments appear. There are more chances of serious and chronic skin problems in these kinds of skin. Skin pigmentation also results in moles too. These are harmless marks that appear due to any genetic disorder or blackness. 
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  3. Nature has a number of challenges for the skin. From harsh weather to the heavenly bodies in the sky, anything can damage the skin. Sun is one such threat that hits hard with its UV rays. These   UV rays are not something that you can see. It seems difficult to keep an eye on how the rays are hitting on the sun. If the skin pigmentation treatment in Melbourne is not well protected against these UV rays the results can be pigmentation ranging from minor to the major pigmentation scenario. If it gets worse they can become really dark and at the end transform into the permanent pigmentation.  
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  5. There are some magical chemicals in our body that are doing almost everything. From digesting food to breathing the air in and out they do almost everything.  These are known as hormones. The hormonal disturbance can be the cause of the pigmentation too. As the hormonal disturbance happens a lot of changes are also witnessed in the skin. Melasma is one such skin problem that involves pigmentation due to faulty hormonal system. The most turbulent time for the hormones is the pregnancy.  The skin suffers a great deal in this time.  
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  7. Allergies, reactions and other inflammation can result in skin problems too. Some injuries can have a long-term impact.  Although the disease and the illness might go away the impact remains there. Pigmentation is one such math.  
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  9. The other form of pigmentation is due to the lack of the melanin. It is referred to as hypopigmentation. It is the reverse process of the hyper pigmentation. If some symptoms take too long to go away they can damage the skin and leave the skin with pigmentations. \"skin-pigmentation\"
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