You are fond of Cars and you are sort of collector of them. But living in Australia, you must be aware that all the cars that will reach your country, might be coming by Sea. Even cars from your neighbouring country, New Zealand, will reach Australia by sea. Nobody can afford to get the car delivered by Air, there is no brainer in that, the cost of air shipment is 100 times more than Sea shipment. But the problem arises, in case of regular cars that which were manufactured and distributed by Car manufacturing companies on their own, it is quite easy to get your car shipped from another country to your own. But there might be many cases when you will be buying some classic or limited-edition cars from another collector. That person is not in your country. You were on a visit to that country and you bought that car. 

Now question if how you will get that car at your doorstep? Here the role of car shipping company becomes vital. The car shipping company will ensure that you will be getting your car in the same condition as you selected at your doorstep, by complying all the legalities of your country customs department. The tough choice you have to make that which car shipping company will be suitable for shipping of your car. If it is your first time, then you have to do some research about selecting the right shipping company. Here are certain steps that will help you to make the right selection.

  1. Check online, about the companies who provided the same services. List down minimum 3-4 companies to explore them further.
  2. Many Car shipping companies have their online portal available. It means you don’t have to go through the hassle of calling them at first. You can get the price estimate by giving your input about your package. Also, the services you required from them. These services can be;
  • picking up the car from the seller
  • moving it to port
  • packaging
  • loading on the ship
  • unloading at the destination 
  • custom clearance 
  • Delivery at your address
  1. The prices will be quoted based on services selected and specification of your car
  2. After getting the quotes, it is recommended that talk to at least 2-3 car chipping companies about their services. It is better to know about the complete shipping process and document required for the same.
  3. Ask a question about terms and conditions for the car imports in Australia, specifically. As there are different tariff applied to different categories of cars. You must be aware that how much you have to pay and what rules applied to your specific model
  4. After your satisfaction, select the most appropriate shipper. Schedule the pickup and provide all the necessary documents for smooth shipping.

Visit for more information on car shipping to Australia.

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