Fun Kids Party Theme Ideas

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Planning a party for your kid can be a huge responsibility because you want your kid to feel special. In order to host a party you will need to spend long hours planning as well as money to finance the venue, decorations, food and gifts. But these aren’t the factors that will make your child feel elated. The theme of the party is the basis on which the child will feel special. As a parent you may ask the child of his/her interests but you can also opt for one of the popular themes in case you want to surprise your kid. Below are some of the common theme ideas your kid will definitely love.

Splash Of Colours

A colourful theme is favoured by all the kids. This is a fun way because you can use various colourful decorations and food for the party. Opt for helium tank hire in order to fill your child’s party with colourful balloons. You can also stick to certain colours such as rainbow colours or even shades of your kids’ favourite colour. A colourful party will be appreciated by your kid and his friends. You can organize various colourful games as well.

Disney Princesses

This may be an ideal theme for your own little princess. You can convert the venue into a magical castle with all the Disney princesses or you may stick to your child’s favourite princess. You can dress her up like one too and don’t forget her tiara. This is a promising way to win your child’s heart.


This a party theme mostly commonly used for boys. Every boy dream to become a superhero so make your little man feel like a hero on his special day. You can use various superheroes themed decorations and design the cake with your boy’s favourite hero. Do not forget to organize games for all the kids to make them feel like a hero too.

Costume Party

Costume Party is a very interesting theme because your guests feel very involved in the party. You can purchase quality costume and party supplies from a party store for a reasonable price. The kids can dress up as their favourite character. The decorations can be minimal since the guests are a lovely sight themselves.


Cultural themed parties are a great way to get to know the background of all your guests. You can inform them ahead of time so that can prepare. You can also choose a certain culture for your party and request the guests to dress accordingly. The most common cultural idea is the hula theme party.