Today’s society is on a rat race to earn money and people are going through a heavy schedule where the parents are lacking out of time to spend with their families. Due to the busy routine of the parents most of the children are misled with the various influences of the society. This is a major problem in the country since these children will be going into the society, being a burden instead of a gift to the world. In this case we have no right to blame the child because he or she is not responsible for the way he or she was brought up. Therefore, a timely solution was needed to be upgraded to assure the safeties of children when their parents are out of their sight.

Day care centers were introduced to overcome this major problem and it was spread all through the world facilitating many parents to work without any hesitation about their children.

Early days these centers were based on child care in Benowa. But with the development of the society and the competition in education made these centers not only to provide security, but also to be an assistance to develop their personality, vocal skills and to cultivate good values.

Children between the ages of two to six are active in their actions and love to have outdoor games, fun activities and also to investigate new things. Because of the over busyness of the parents now a days kiddos are missing out their leisure time activities. These activities are important because they help to make the child an independent and also makes a good, flexible personality. As the above called centers recognized the need of the children, they tend to include these activities in their curriculum. Through these kids are motivated and they are able to expand their logical thinking and to perform better than the kids who are indoors.

According to psychology affection and attention are the core needs of children. And due to the absence of their parents they lose these needs. The above-mentioned centers do care for children compassionately and it helps the children to fulfill the affection and attention needed. Therefore, all around the world these centers are being opened with the same standards of a preschool. The objectives of a preschool is also satisfied through these centers where as they tend to build up a valuable citizen to the country.

 Primary education is essential, and it must be given to each and every child to discover their abilities and to open up their minds to make innovations through inventions which is beneficial for a nation and a country. Therefore, these children must be guided in the correct path with the assistance of these centers.

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